For certified Les Mills instructors only! Go to Ibiza, take part in the ‘Your time to shine!’ program and present on stage a track of your favorite lesson with the other National trainers and presenters!

What is ‘Your time to shine’?

The ‘Your time to shine!’ program is designed to help certified Les Mills instructors develop the teaching skills at the level of a National Trainer.

During the Les Mills Ibiza Trip you participate in an extensive performance workshop, you will follow a technique training and together with the Trainers and Presenters you will present a track ‘on stage’ during one of the workouts. At the end of your presentation you will receive feedback with which you can let your teaching skills grow even further to the level of a world class Presenter!

A dream come true? Apply before the 1st August 2019 via Participating ‘on the spot’ is unfortunately no longer possible.